There’s no better time than the year-end giving period to significantly upgrade your donors.

By ‘upgrade’ I of course mean increase average gift … increase the average gifts of what you might consider ‘low dollar’ donors … increase the number of donors entering the mid-level or mid-value tier … and increase the number of folks moving up to major donor ranks.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how simple this process is — particularly when you use Predictive Science to upgrade your donors.

To that end, our sister company DonorTrends is hosting a FREE Upgrading Webinar on October 19th at 2pm EST. You can Register Here. (Even if you can’t make that date, go ahead and register and they’ll send you a recording of the event.)

Ask Strings

When it comes to upgrading, a lot of Agitator readers email seeking my advice on asking amounts. Here’s a simple rule of thumb: The better the donor the more aggressive the ask string. 

A lot of fundraisers use a conventional build logic in creating ask strings: [ ]1 X HPC (Highest Previous Contribution), [ ] 1.5 X HPC  [ ] 2 X HPC  [ ] Other amount.

HOWEVER … when the proper donors are identified using predictive science the build logic is different for higher scoring donors: [ ] 1.5  X HPC  [ ] 1.75 HPC  [ ] 2.25 HPC  [ ] Other amount.

IMPORTANT NOTE This more aggressive logic should be used only on the highest scoring donors. [Don’t worry the DonorTrends folks will quickly and clearly explain this in the Upgrading Webinar.]

Who’s a ‘Better’ Donor?

So how do you identify those ‘better’ donors for whom your ask string needs to be more aggressive? Quite simply, using predictive science.

Don’t be frightened away by the term ‘predictive science’. It’s easy, inexpensive and far more accurate than anything you’ll conjure up using RFM (recency, frequency monetary value) segmentation.

This is what the free DonorTrends Webinar is all about. In 15 minutes or so you’ll not only learn how predictive science can work for you, but the DonorTrends fundraisers will offer to do an analysis of your file’s upgrading potential free of charge.

Does It Work?

In a word, YES! I’ve seen dozens and dozens of cases where small, mid-sized and large organizations use the DonorTrends predictive scoring system with terrific results. I’ve included one example from a mid-sized organization (30,000 donors)  that you can download here.

The results are impressive — particularly since it took only minutes and cost a piddling amount of money.


Here are the upgrade results from that mid-sized organization.

Just in Time for Year End

You still have time to experience the power of predictive science and how to put it to work for your year-end giving. Or for your mid-level and major giving programs as well. So, register for the FREE Upgrade Webinar while this post is in front of you.


P.S. Agitator readers who use either DonorPerfect or Neon can get their data analyzed with a simple mouse-click thanks to the API connecting these two systems with the DonorTrends scoring system.  So, when you register make a note on the form that you’re a DonorPerfect or Neon user.






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