Much will be written about the fundraising and communication tactics of the winning Obama campaign and how they apply (or don’t) to nonprofit fundraising (or at least cause fundraising).

But it’s the nation’s demographic trends — reported here by Pew Research — that most strike me in terms of impact on future fundraising strategies. And the trends are brought into sharp relief by the extent of support Obama received from racial minorities — he received 80% of the minority vote. And the minority vote was a record 28% of the votes cast.

As of 2011, the US is 17% Hispanic, 12% Black, 5% Asian (= 34%).

As of 2050, the US is projected to be 29% Hispanic, 13% Black, 9% Asian (= 51%).

Obviously declining is the non-Hispanic white population … it will drop from 63% to 47%.

OK, so fundraisers might think they can relax a few decades … even retire, still happily raising money from white folk.

But the fundraising market will change year by year. As Pew points out, among the 4.4 million 18 year-olds in 2011, only 56% were white, while 21% were Hispanic, 15% were black and 4% Asian. The percentage of white 18 year-olds will steadily decline.

How soon will this demographic shift matter to your organization? To the Republican Party, it already matters … big time!



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