Courtesy of fundraising consultant Pamela Barden, writing in Fundraising Success, here are 12 principles that all fundraisers would do well to heed …

  1. You are NOT the target audience. So figure out who is.
  2. You have to spend money to raise money.
  3. You have to ask to receive.
  4. Use multiple fundraising tools for balance.
  5. Good programs need good fundraising. Good fundraising needs good programs.
  6. Don’t mix your messages. When asking for a gift, leave it at that.
  7. Ask your donors for three things throughout the year:  A gift. Referrals. A bequest.
  8. A nonprofit is not a business. But if you don’t run it like a business, you will go out of business.
  9. If you don’t invest in acquiring new donors, you will run out of donors.
  10. You have to watch your numbers, and course-correct when necessary.
  11. Donors care about overhead. So you’d better care, too.
  12. When you stop learning, you may as well stop.

Over three articles, Pamela has made the case well for each of these principles, which I believe apply well to nonprofits of all sizes and shapes.

Pamela, you get an Agitator raise.


P.S. My Top Three: #2, #1, #5. But then, how could The Agitator not endorse #12?!


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