Hispanics total 46 million in the US, or about 15% of the population.A recent survey by the Pew Hispanic Center indicates they are becoming more pessimistic about the outlook for Latinos in America, with some of this discontent rubbing off on the Republicans.50% of Hispanic adults say the situation for Hispanics in this country has worsened in the past year, compared to 33% with that view a year ago.And 49% believe the Democratic party cares more about Hispanics (an increase of 14 percentage points since 2004), while only 7% believe the Republican party cares more; the rest believe there’s not much difference. Among Hispanic registered voters, 66% say they prefer Obama, while 23% prefer McCain.Of course immigration issues are highly important to the Latino population. Fully one-in-ten Hispanic adults say they have been stopped by authorities and asked about their immgration status. Hispanics are very worried about growing anti-immigrant sentiment and immigration enforcement measures being proposed.Politicians already treat the Hispanic community as a critical voting constituency. It remains to be seen how effectively non-Hispanic-focused issue advocacy groups begin to factor the concerns and perspectives of Latinos into their program planning and fundraising.Perhaps a key strategic choice that mainstream nonprofits must make is whether to present their existing core agenda in terms that are more relevant to Hispanics, or instead to expand or extend their agendas into new areas of higher priority to this constituency.Has your nonprofit made a dedicated effort yet to appeal to Hispanics? Tell us about it.Tom 

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