Giving advice all nonprofit marketers should heed, marketing maven Seth Godin urges us to take a risk.

He's talking about commercial marketing and notes that creating buzz about a product or service is directly proportional to the degree of risk taken. Sure there will be failures, but just doing the “same old, same old” is definitely NOT the way to break through or to inspire word of mouth evangelism for what you are offering.

Not only does this apply to successful marketing of a product or cause, it applies to marketing yourself. And most of us have at least some healthy ambition.

You can go to work saying: “Today I want to be recognized for successfully copying something for my nonprofit that has already been proven to work in dozens of like organizations.”

Or, you can say: “Today I'm going to make an innovation, or try something out of the box, that's going to set my nonprofit (and me) apart from the rest.”

Which attitude — copier or innovator — will put your organization, and you, on the steepest reward curve?

Take a big risk, successfully, and you'll deserve a raise!

Roger & Tom

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