On the one hand, the fundraising year is almost two-thirds over.

On the other hand, the ‘highest yield’ third of the year is just about to begin. Many fundraisers are using the ‘lull before the storm’ to ready your fundraising weapons and reaffirm or fine-tune your fall/year-end fundraising tactics.

And … revisit your fundraising projections. How much of your annual revenue are you expecting to take in over the final four months of the year … 50%? Two-thirds? More?

Have you fallen short year-to-date? Where on the direct marketing side — acquisition, renewals, appeals? Why? Where else — major gifts, foundations, events?

And if so, how much of the shortfall can you hope to recover? How?

Are you being realistic, truthful?

All of the remedial plans, all of the acceleration plans need to be in place for September. After that, there won’t be much time to reflect and re-consider … only time for rapid-fire implementation.

August is a great month for getting prepared.

Or can it wait!


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