I’ve generally been skeptical of fundraising/giving tactics that create a wall between donors and recipient causes and organizations. Primarily because I was raised in the church of ‘relationship-building’.

But I’m coming around to the belief that any giving is to be encouraged, because the world needs as many givers as we can possibly motivate and enable, through as many channels as we possibly can.

And because I believe giving is habit forming.

So today, ‘hats off’ to Google’s One Today program, a mobile app (only available now in the US) that features one different nonprofit each day, encouraging the recipient to make a $1 gift. And while you cannot give more than $1 per project per day, you can challenge your friends to donate to a project and then match their gifts. All this is explained (including how to get the app and sign up your nonprofit) on One Today’s FAQ page, here.

At some point, it will interesting to see how donors respond to this initiative overall, and which nonprofits’ projects prove most compelling to mobile donors.

Has anyone tried One Today yet?


P.S. We’d give Google an Agitator raise, but … !!


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