Today we're happy to introduce Katrin Verclas as a new Guest Agitator. Katrin runs the Nonprofit Technology Network (NTEN), the membership organization of nonprofit pros who use technology to advance causes. She also coordinates and writes for, a network of actvists using mobile phones for citizen engagement.

While we've invited Katrin to write about anything her tech advocate heart desires, we hope she'll focus a lot on mobile campaigning. That's because Agitator's editors date back to those gadgets where you'd stick your finger in the hole and rotate clockwise … it was called “dialing”. But as professional rabble rousers we're eager to learn!

Here's a preview of the kind of valuable insight Katrin will share … a post on MobileActive's blog titled How to Run a Mobile Advocacy Campaign (and how not to). Here she provides a good overview of mobile marketing and then uses the example of Amnesty's campaign to close Guantanamo to illustrate some mobile advocacy do's and don'ts.

From there jump here to download the latest MobileActive Guide profiling strategies and organizations using mobile phones for issue advocacy.

Welcome Katrin!

Roger & Tom

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