If you're serious about raising money and selling your agenda today, the most important individual on your marketing team is your webmaster.

And if you're serious about raising money and selling your agenda five or more years out (and hopefully that's not too far beyond your planning horizon), make sure this individual has their own personal key to the restroom!

“Bah, humbug!” you say. In a moment I'll make the case.

But first I should explain that I'm using “webmaster” as shorthand to describe the person, by whatever title, who is dedicated to knowledgeably driving your organization's overall use of online (and other digital) technology and tactics for marketing purposes.

“Dedicated” means it's their primary day-to-day responsibility. “Knowledgeably” means they're savvy enough technically to appreciate what the best tools out there are and what they can really do to advance your fundraising and communications objectives, but not so geeky that they can't engage around marketing issues. Now such people — with the right blend of technical and marketing smarts — are really tough to find. If you've got one, you're damn lucky!

Now, why are they so important?

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