Way back in August, in a post called Why the Smorgasbord?,we talked about the raison d’etre of The Agitator, saying in part:

We believe the “empowered consumer” is now also the “empowered donor” and the “empowered activist.” And non-profit marketers — whether raising money, seeking activists, or trying to get a message out — will need to pick up the pace bigtime to stay ahead of their constituents. To survive and thrive they will need to learn how to engage new and different demographic groups, how to use new media, how to compete against even more communications clutter, how to “win permission” versus intruding, how to contend with tougher demands for accountability and performance … or yield to “upstart” competitors who will eat your lunch.

So, we’re consciously offering a broad canvas of news, trends, innovations and insights, because the exposure and range of vision and understanding for all of us engaged in the non-profit fundraising, communications and advocacy sectors needs to be wider than ever if we are going to successfully advance the missions and causes we all hold so dear.

We invited our readers to join the dialogue by signing up for our automatic daily e-mail or RSS feeds (just use the e-mail “Subscribe” or Feedburner buttons on your left) AND by sounding off using the “Comment” feature on each Post or by e-mailing us directly.

Here’s a great example from TW at the American Lung Association about how valuable the dialogue can be. Agitator both praised and quibbled with an e-mail video appeal ALA tested. TW responded with more info on how the project has gone. Very useful sharing of experience. The more sharing like this occurs, the better we’ll all be at fundraising and communicating.

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