Mediamark Research has come up with this study segmenting American consumers according to which media they respond to.

Your possibilities, together with the US profile, are:

  1. Emerging media (9%) — mobile, product placement
  2. On the road (12% — billboards, buses, taxis
  3. Mass media (17%) — TV, radio, the internet
  4. On paper (17%) — newspapers, magazines
  5. Events (13%) — sports and entertainment events
  6. Ad adverse (32%) — avoid them.

Personally, i don’t think that "ad adverse" is a meaningful segment. To the extent that we all avoid (and disparage) advertising that is IRRELEVANT to us, we’re all ad adverse. But address a relevant message to me, it doesn’t matter if it’s in skywriting, on a t-shirt or inside a bottlecap, I’ll notice it … and the same is true of you.

Mediamark is most fascinated by the emerging media segment:

This 9% of U.S. adults are far more likely than the average adult to agree with the following statements.

• A celebrity endorsement may influence me to consider or buy a product.

• I’m always one of the first of my friends to try new products or services.

• I follow the latest trends and fashions.

• Brand name is the best indication of quality.

If I had to pick, I guess I’d be a paper guy … as long as there are pictures to go along with the copy. What are you?



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