To YouTube of course, to see who won!From AdAge, here’s a fascinating account of campaign use of online video by Obama and McCain. Obama has been posting on YouTube and elsewhere since the beginning of primaries, sometimes a dozen videos a day chronicling his appearances. In September, Obama’s online videos received 12.9 million views, compared to 5.8 million for McCain.But AdAge lauds McCain’s adroit use of online video immediately after the first debate with Obama:” Two weeks ago, for example, the McCain campaign posted a 30-second spot called “McCain Is Right,” which was merely a montage of Mr. Obama crediting Mr. McCain for being right during the first debate. That video, posted right after the debate last Friday Sept. 26, helped Mr. McCain get more channel views than Mr. Obama on Saturday, a day when the nation was digesting who had won and why.”Watch for more of this new-style online video spinning after each debate.As for nonprofits, in our DonorTrends 2008 survey, 34% of donors report watching charity or cause-related online videos, with higher percentages among post-Boomers (born after 1964), the more educated, and those who give more.Are you tapping this medium yet?Tom

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