Does your organization need to “work” the media? Then you need to know the media habits and preferences of the audiences you're hoping to reach.

This News Consumption and Believability Study just released by the Pew Research Center paints a detailed picture of where Americans are getting their news today.

If you read it, you would know:

1) What percent of Americans can correctly identify all three of these: the U.S. Secretary of State, the President of Russia, and the party controlling the House of Representatives?

2) Which of these media outlets is the only one to have enjoyed an increase in believability over the last ten years — Wall Street Journal, New York Times, CNN, or The National Enquirer?

3) What percent of Americans goes “newsless” on a typical day?

4) Which newspaper is read the most online?

5) What is the news “gender gap”?

6) Do more college grads listen to Rush Limbaugh or watch the Daily Show?

Fun … but deadly serious too. As we said a few days ago, if your job involves making news or getting coverage, this is a “must read” study for you.

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