It's Monday … time for some mind stretches to get yourself “brain on” for the week ahead.

Successful nonprofit marketers need to be sharp trend spotters … or at least avid trend watchers.

Old fossils that we are, we at The Agitator have just discovered trend spotter Michael Tchong at Ubercool, who shares some stimulating insights about the future of marketing here.

Key consumer trends today, says Tchong:

  • Voyeurgasm: the age-old consumer desire “we like to watch” is now on steroids, powered by do-it-yourself media tools that make everything recordable … fueling a growing expectation of tranparency in all things.
  • Digital Lifestyle: the average US household owns 26 consumer electronic devices … the “nation” of MySpace” is as big as the population of Brazil, the world's fifth largest. Broadband users spend nearly one-half their weekday spare time online.
  • Time Compression: we've crossed a tipping point of sorts when in response to the greeting “How are you?” the answer became “Busy” … instead of “Good” or “Fine.” Less sleep. More sleeping pill prescriptions. A $7 billion energy drink market. Forget oil, time is a commodity become steadily more precious to consumers.
  • Unwired: Manhattan's phone book is getting smaller as population grows … consumers switching from land lines to cell phones. Got your iPhone yet? Get ready for the “instant on” culture, as mobile phones become the primary access device for the internet.
  • Generation X-tasy: barraged with 3,000 marketing messages a day and 60 million SKUs, successful consumer interactions must be “experiences” replete with adventure, indulgence, variety.

Tchong elaborates a bit on each of these trends and what they mean for consumer marketing. Think about how they might affect the marketing of your cause or charity … or think about your retirement.

Roger & Tom

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