Pew Internet Research has reported some interesting  new data on Twitter usage, which triggered this set of commenting articles … worthwhile reading.

Bottomline: 8% of online Americans say they’ve used Twitter. But 41% say they ‘hardly ever’ use their account.

For more sense of proportion, Twitter’s 15 million users compare to Facebook’s 151 million unique US users.

And finally, to put Facebook in perspective, it delivers one-fifth the monthly audience of CBS Television Network, according to this analysis. Here it’s noted that in October Facebook’s 151 million US users stayed on the site 42 billion minutes, while CBS’ 240 million October viewers watched 210 billion minutes.

But consider ‘stayed on’ Facebook versus ‘watched’ CBS. The former involves active engagement; the latter is essentially passive.

Yes, the comparative numbers are interesting. So CBS might win a marketer’s nod for building brand awareness. But increasingly marketers are looking for quality interaction with customers and potential customers.

Choice of media always comes down to what are you trying to accomplish with what audience.

That said, not many nonprofits will have a chance to tell their story on CBS anytime soon (unless you have a fantastic PR staff and an even better story!). But any nonprofit can deliver its story online!


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