Last week was devoted to the up and coming world of social networking and the younger demographic active in that area.

But here’s some equal time for seniors, who are typically online 44 minutes a day.

From a report prepared by Focalyst and Dynamic Logic, here’s a profile of what seniors age 62+ are doing online these days:

  • Search engines: 59 percent
  • Contact family and friends: 59 percent
  • Gather information: 47 percent
  • News/current events/weather: 43 percent
  • Travel planning/reservations: 41 percent
  • Health and health-related information: 38 percent
  • Exchange photos with family/friends: 33 percent
  • Finance/online banking: 24 percent
  • Paying bills: 23 percent
  • Single/multiple-player games: 21 percent
  • Investment/transactions: 17 percent
  • Education/training: 13 percent

Note that financial stuff hangs around one-in-four senior netizens. If they’re not doing online banking or paying bills online, they’re not likely to be making online donations either.

But still, nearly half gather information online, and more than four-in-ten follow news and current events online … important from a cause fundraising standpoint … trust me, if they have a online subscription to the NY Times, they’re donors!




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