This week, while most of the world focused on The Guardian’s bombshell reports on Edward Snowden, the former U.S. intelligence officer turned whistleblower, The Agitator turned to The Guardian for news of real interest to our readers.

With just 7 days remaining before we go behind The Wall – the paywall – The Guardian confirms that those willing to subscribe to The Agitator are not only riding the wave of history, but may have inadvertently discovered a digital fountain of youth.

“Young people more willing to pay for digital news, report finds” heralded the headline in The Guardian. Behind the headline was a report from The Reuter’s Institute for the Study of Journalism on paywall trends.

  • A survey of 11,000 internet users in 9 countries (all filled with Agitator readers) found that 25-34 year olds are twice as likely to part with cash for digital news as older readers.
  • “We’re starting to see significant shifts in public attitudes to online news, with more people starting to pay for digital news or seeming to accept that in the future they will probably have to pay for a service they currently get free”, says Nic Newman, author of the study.
  • “Paywalls and apps are no longer regarded as novelties, but are now increasingly part of everyday life….”

Attempting to apply the Reuters report to our own paywall experience we (not so scientifically ) conclude the following:

  • Agitator readers who have voted with their wallets to continue The Agitator are on history’s leading edge.
  • Subscribing to The Agitator is indicative of the bold curiosity of youth.
  • Subscribing to The Agitator before The Wall goes up next week is a sure sign that even an old fart can think young.

Roger and Tom

P.S.  We’re getting some might nice notes along with the subscriptions. Some samples:

  • “Your content is totally worth it. I hope everyone clicks Continue.”
  •  “I get $50 worth of usable material to raise more money every week.”
  •  “ Your content is totally worth it.”
  •  “What others were afraid to ask: Can we pony up the 50 bucks AND get you back in your caves?”


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