The Agitator just can't say enough good things about the various Pew Research arms.

If you collect a paycheck from a nonprofit group and do not regularly follow the various studies of these folks on Americans' media habits, on attitudes of various demographic segments about public issues, about trends in media coverage, you oughta be fired!

These studies might not help you construct the best A/B split for your next mailing, or help you pick a better database vendor, or design a better landing page for your website (and we're direct marketers at heart, so we're not knocking the importance of thoughtful execution). But if you want to comprehend the bigger picture and have a clue about the trends about to smack you and your nonprofit in the face, then read them!

Here's just some of the latest from Pew …

Pew's Project on Journalistic Excellence has just issued its inaugural News Coverage Index. The Index, to be released every Tuesday, is an ongoing study of the news agenda of a wide swath of the American media — newspapers, broadcast & cable nets, radio, online sources (48 different outlets in all). The Index will attempt to provide an ongoing look at what the media are and aren't covering, the trajectories of major stories and differences among news platforms. Says Pew: “We believe it is the largest continuing study of the media agenda ever attempted.”

Two other notable recent research reports from Pew:

And if you want to look even further into the future …

The Agitator is still absorbing all this data, but no need to wait on our take.

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