Pew Research Project has just released its latest study of the news consumption patterns of American adults.

These consumption patterns are useful in terms of both targeting media and issue advocacy campaigns and understanding how — and to what degree — your donors might be following news and public affairs.

Of special interest are two of the four segments in Pew’s news consumer typography … Net-Newsers and Integrators.

Here’s more on the Net-Newsers:

"Net-Newsers are the youngest of the news user segments (median age: 35). They are affluent and even better educated than the News Integrators: More than eight-in-ten have at least attended college. Net-Newsers not only rely primarily on the internet for news, they are leading the way in using new web features and other technologies. Nearly twice as many regularly watch news clips on the internet as regularly watch nightly network news broadcasts (30% vs. 18%) … Fewer than half (47%) watch television news on a typical day. Twice as many read an online newspaper than a printed newspaper on a typical day (17% vs. 8%), while 10% read both."

These are the folks making your online contributions!

The typology is rounded out with Traditionalists (46% of the public) and Disengaged (14%).

This report is rich in insights about news media usage. Well worth a read if you plan communications strategy for your nonprofit, but also useful for issue advocacy fundraisers.


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