No? How about in the past week? No?

What, too busy working on your nonprofit’s newsletter, or reading the newspaper? Or practicing your Morse code?!

According to this USA Today article, market researcher Forrester forecasts that 187,000,000,000 (that’s billion) online videos will be served in 2009, up 24% from the previous year. YouTube is by far the largest "carrier" of online videos, and by using a universally-available Flash platform has removed the "barrier to entry" that existed when producers needed to choose from QuickTime, Real Player or Windows Media Player.

Among the non-media, non-commercial creators of online videos are the AFL-CIO, Anti-Defamation League, Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, Archive of American Law Enforcement and The Asia Foundation, as well as dozens — if not hundreds — of colleges and universities.

"It’s a gigantic business," says the CEO of Brightcove, an Internet video services firm, in USA Today. "Every single month it’s just grown and grown, to the point where a majority of our customers now are not media companies. They are people using the Web to market, communicate, educate and inform."

If you are not using online video to "market, communicate, educate and inform," you’re falling way behind the curve … and probably behind your competition.



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