That’s one of the key messages from a new Experian report on consumer media habits — The 2012 Digital Marketer: Benchmark and Trend Report.

Granted, Experian was looking at consumers not donors, but don’t kid yourself, it’s consumer marketing that drives us to use — and learn what to expect and demand from — all this new-fangled stuff like online and mobile video.

Some findings …

  • Video boosts email opens up to 13% (i.e., just using the word ‘video’ in the subject line!).
  • Video in an email can drive an average 21% higher conversion rate (compared to using static images) and a 24% higher average order value.
  • Revenue per email averages two times higher for “friends and family” campaigns.
  • 28% of smartphone owners watch videos on their phones in an average month — they’ll probably check their email (including that message from your nonprofit) long before they log on to their computer.
  • Videos on a pace to account for half of all web traffic by 2014.

Impressive enough numbers to get me to read the full report … where’s there’s heaps more usage data.


P.S. Here’s a nonprofit video – NKLA Manifesto — that’s hot in Los Angeles.

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