Today’s post is The Agitator’s 3,000th.

And my final one.

But don’t worry, Roger will still carry the torch and in fact bring aboard The Agitator some new co-conspirators to continue the mission of inspiring fundraisers to raise the bar. He’ll tell you about that shortly.

I’ve been a co-conspirator with Roger since 1971, when I joined the staff of Common Cause. Other than my former wife, no one has known me longer in my adult/professional life. Hmmm!

Our relationship over the years, which I treasure, has forced me to be at my best, as Roger has challenged me and set high bars in numerous capacities — as a boss, business investor, collaborator, consultant, co-editor and overall mentor and friend.

Three things in particular have bonded us together — prodding each other’s intellectual curiosity, intolerance for the status quo, and relentlessly irreverent humor. What more could one ask for in a collaborator?

Hopefully those characteristics have managed to show through in The Agitator.

Roger and I have another few dozen years of co-conspiring ahead of us, so, in one way or another, we will continue to pose a minor threat to complacency in the world.

But as for The Agitator, I’ll remain lurking in the background, watching the fundraising space, directing most of my agitating about it at Roger!

I hope Agitator readers have found my writings helpful, or at least provocative. The work fundraisers do is incredibly important, and often done without sufficient resources, internal support, or recognition. You fundraisers are the essential engine of change. I truly believe that. To me, the only reason to raise money is to change things. The status quo doesn’t need fundraisers.

And for all the frequent grumpiness, complaining and whining in my posts, I have been privileged to watch and celebrate what you do.

But increasingly from the sidelines.

Long time readers have figured out that I’ve manned the Southern Hemisphere Desk of The Agitator from Hawke’s Bay New Zealand.

When not on Agitator duty, I serve as an elected Regional Councillor and publish a magazine for our region called BayBuzz. These roles are where I’ll be focusing my agitating now.

Perhaps with the occasional cameo.

Best wishes for your future fundraising endeavors.


P.S. And get those retention rates up, dammit! Speaking of loyalty, how could I not close without something from my other favorite mentor, Dilbert …


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