Thanks to Steve MacLaughlin at Blackbaud for making our editorial lives at The Agitator so much easier.

I’ve just been browsing through his 50 Fascinating Nonprofit Statistics.

There’s enough fodder here to inspire Agitator posts for weeks! You’ll get one tomorrow.

What more could you want to know about the US nonprofit sector?

One of my favorites … $25 billion is the amount in donations not loyal to an organization and switchable to new charities. That’s a lot of money up for grabs … are you clever and energetic enough to get a piece?


P.S. Were you especially enticed by the headline, Top 50 Inspirations from Steve? Find out why in this item — Power of Ten: The Weird Psychology of Rankings — by Roger Dooley at Neuromarketing. Technically, I lied. Steve’s factoids aren’t actually ranked. But simple lists are effective too!

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