Here’s one for you online fundraisers.

The capability exists to target email messages to specific consumers (donor prospects?) using their IP addresses, with that information cross-matched with a variety of demographic markers.

Here’s the background and a pitch from one supplier of such data, Elect Strategies (as reported in ClickZ):

“We can provide physical addresses and phone numbers for the entire country, email addresses for a significant segment of the US population (120 million), in addition to up-to-date IP addresses,” noted Elect Strategies in a recent email sales pitch promoting its data offerings to political advertisers. “For 99.8% of consumers, we can identify Age (Date of Birth), Gender (M/F), Race (5 Groups), Ancestry (189 Countries), Religion, Linguistic Preference, Education Level, and Income Level.”

Could represent a powerful targeting tool. However, there are serious privacy concerns … have consumers on these lists opted-in to the practice?

Here’s how the process works, per ClickZ. Essentially, when a user opens an email from a partner of the data firm like Elect Strategies – such as an opt-in email from a news publisher – a cookie is generated which reports back to Elect Strategies the IP address associated with the user’s computer or device. With an email address and matching IP address in hand, other demographic info can be added. And voila! A targetable emailing list.

What do you think? Scary? Or can’t wait to try it?


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