Roger and I have begun preparing a series of posts focusing on donor acquisition.

Here is a list of topics we plan to cover … although perhaps not as systematically as this outline might suggest. We’ll probably jump around as events, bloggers and our readers inspire us.

1. Investing — What should you pay? … How much should you spend? … How to assess/calculate donor value … Any rules of thumb … Transparency

2. Metrics — Measuring/evaluating results … Knowing and acting on what works

3. The Product — Thinking about what are you selling … Differentiation … Branding … Weighing the competition … Gaining visibility

4. Structuring overall plan — Timing, testing and rollout

5. Targeting — Why/how? … Knowing your audience … Relevant research … New tools … Lapsed donors

6. The channel/medium –

  • Mail — Is mail prospecting working these days? … For whom/in what circumstances?
  • Online prospecting — Email … Traffic conversion … Social media … Online video … Online tools/mechanics
  • Mobile
  • Other methods?
  • Integrated marketing

7. Offers — Premiums … Testing … Payment options … Lead generation as a two-step strategy

8. Generic principles about communicating with prospects — Don’t blame/whine, Credible actions, Program results, Testimonials, Urgency, Story-telling, etc

9. Creative — Any ‘givens’? … Testing, including new tools … Carriers … Components … Structure … Signers (same for online)

Plenty to keep us busy for a year or two.

We’d welcome your comments regarding priorities amongst these topics … or other acquisition issues you’d like us to address.

Tom & Roger


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