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For fundraisers managing reasonably complex fundraising programs, there's always a danger of missing the forest for the trees. You're awash in data and deadlines. Your messengers — CEO, program staff, board members — have lost your phone number. Your mail shop has just gone bankrupt and closed its doors with your inventory locked inside. And so, your planning horizon is this week

Are we ready for tomorrow's six-figure pitch to Ms. Big?
Is the proposal ready for The Huge Grant Foundation's Friday deadline?
Why is our latest prospecting package sucking eggs?

Fair enough understandably, this week's agenda always presses to top of mind.

But if you're a fundraiser who doesn't like surprises (or you have a boss with this phobia), what is the most critical information you should be tracking if you want to stay ahead of the curve? We've prepared a DonorTrends White Paper discussing our recommended Top 10 List. The ten items are previewed below. Since fundraisers think numbers first, we've started with a few “hard data” items. But the “soft” items farther down are no less important indeed they're probably more important in terms of fashioning long term strategy.

Top Ten Things Fundraisers Should Monitor

1. Renewal/retention rate for first year donors.
2. Lifetime value by source of donor.
3. Cost of funds raised.

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