Yankelovich Research has released a study of the parenting attitudes of Gen Xers, who now represent the cohort most likely to have children under the age of 18 in their households. This was a distinction formerly held by Boomers.

In 1995, Boomers comprised 65% of parents who had children under 18 in their households. Today they represent 37%, while GenXers now commprise 46% of parents with children under 18 at home.

As children leave Boomer households, these homes become the “empty nests” that have accounted in the past for the preponderance of small donations to non-profits, particularly with respect to cause and political giving. History would suggest that giving will accelerate in these empty nest Boomer households.

As we reported in our DonorTrends study, Boomers: Navigating the Generational Divide in Fundraising and Advocacy, Boomers are already giving more than the pre-Boomer generation that previously fueled most non-profit direct marketing. Check out the free study to see where this money might flow.

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