That's a BIG number from a survey just completed by Fidelity Charity Gift Fund.

But then read the fine print and discover the sample was limited to those who indicated they planned to give at least $1000 during the year.

Headline hyperbole aside, The Agitator knows that Boomers are indeed ready to rock the charity universe. We've conducted our own in-depth study of Boomer giving attitudes and behavior, comparing them with both Pre- and Post-Boomers.

Called Navigating the Generational Divide in Fundraising and Advocacy, our DonorTrends study found that Boomers are currently giving on average $1361 per year, compared to $1138 for older Americans. The pace is set by “late” Boomer donors (born 1956-1964), who give 21% more than their “early” cousins. Moreover, while 33% of Boomers say they intend to donate even more in the future, more older pre-Boomers plan to reduce their giving (26%) than increase it (12%).

Like their elders, Boomers give about 75% of their donations to traditional charities working in the fields of health, education, social needs, disaster relief, arts and culture, with the remaining 25% devoted to issue advocacy and political campaigns.

Download our study for a ton of cross-generation data and analysis on donor loyalty, nonprofit performance expectations, issue interests, online giving, perceptions of charities and giving habits.

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