We can't tell you how many times we've heard non-profit execs and marketers blow off the under-40 population.

Why? Because these “youngsters” are perceived not to donate. Because they're harder to reach and maintain contact with via conventional direct marketing (read: mail), especially in the younger age brackets. Because they are perceived by cause advocates to be less politically engaged and influential.

Is this wise? We think not. In fact, if you're not cultivating under-40s, you oughta be fired.

Here is a DonorTrends White Paper we've prepared discussing four reasons your organization should care now about the “Post-Boomers” born after 1964.

In a nutshell, GenX and Yers:

  1. Donate now.
  2. Have proven value now as activists and volunteers.
  3. You need them to refresh and renew your brand.
  4. And, if those three reasons aren't enough, if you want them later, you'd better get your brand on their radar now.

More on why and how to approach the under-40 crowd in our DonorTrends White Paper.

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