What a scary thought! But it’s true.

Consider … every month, more people visit Amazon to make a purchase, browse for products or research a product (85%) than visit their families (40%).

In fact, nearly 40% visit Amazon one to three times, and close to 30% visit Amazon more than seven times per month. 56% make a purchase on Amazon up to three times per month.

When consumers do visit Amazon, they enjoy superb customer service.

And that’s why Amazon is your competitor. They are constantly raising the customer service bar, reinforcing customer trust over and over with each experience.

Can you say that about each ‘customer experience’ your donors have with your nonprofit?

Not important?

As Roger points out in Why Donors Drop Out, improving the donor experience is the most important factor you can control in order to improve donor retention (more here). It’s what you must do if you’re serious about ‘donor centricity’. Need more convincing, read this post about rising customer expectations … those ingrates!

The data above is taken from this Power Reviews report, Compete with Amazon and Win.

Take a look at this fascinating analysis of Amazon and its winning ways. Do you have what it takes to be an Amazon of the nonprofit space?


P.S. From the discussion of the power of customer reviews, I come away  thinking … use donor and beneficiary testimonials, and heaps of them!

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