Does your nonprofit have fundraising rules that would bewilder your average donor?

From Gayle Gifford at Cause & Effect, here’s the kind of story about donor-nonprofit mis-interaction that makes The Agitator’s hair curl.

To sum her story up:

She the would-be donor: ‘Please let me give now!’

The nonprofit: ‘You can’t. You can’t.’

And then, about eight months later, the nonprofit re-contacts her with a friendly reminder (I paraphrase): ‘In case you forgot … You didn’t. You didn’t.’

Please tell me your organization wouldn’t do this!

Before you do anything, draft anything, design anything … wear you donor’s shoes.


P.S. One way of looking at Gayle’s Kiva example is that they were trying inappropriately to ‘convert’ her from an ‘institutional’ donor (the kind most nonprofits would love to have) to a ‘microloan donor’. The next two Agitator posts get into a squabble about what constitutes acceptable ‘donor conversion’. Get ready for fisticuffs!

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