Lots of folks pay lip service to the importance of donor ‘retention’. Far fewer know much about it, let alone do much of anything about it.

As acquisition costs rise and response rates plummet, Tom and I have stepped up our rants on retention. In our view, retention is the new acquisition.

And it’s welcome news to see the hard work of The Donor Retention Project — a cooperative effort by dedicated folks in our space who have thought and done a lot about retention — result in release a major body of ‘how to’ work on boosting retention.

At a time when nonprofits are losing 70% of their new donors before getting a second gift, this magnum opus couldn’t be better timed.

The six CD set (available off-line in a binder and an online edition for viewing/listening on your computer, smartphone or tablet) is jam-packed with practical ‘how to’ advice, step-by-step instructions and templates you can put to work immediately.

This is NOT some fuzzy, feel good pep talk. The Retention Project has created a system to help you retain your donors for life (theirs, not yours).

Leading retention and donor relationship experts — beginning with Adrian Sargeant, Simone Joyaux, Lisa Sargent, and including Gail Perry, Jonathon Grapsas, Marc Pitman, John Lepp, Pam Grow, Ian Adair, Shannon Doolittle and Dan Blakemore and yours truly — provide a treasure trove of retention goodies you can put to work immediately.

Twelve retention experts, 12 interviews, 12 Action Guides — all in an easy-to-use package that you can share with your team, CEO and board members.  All built around the latest research in the field.

Agitator readers get a $50 break from the regular $179 price for the online edition. So, for $129 (a fraction of the cost of attending a conference ) you can begin immediately adding thousands of $$ to your organization’s bottom line.

You can start fixing your leaky bucket of retention today by clicking here. And, it all comes with a 30 day, 100% money back guarantee.



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