With that question, as part of a personality quiz to prospective readers of the magazine Psychology Today, the late, great copywriter Bill Jayme dramatically increased the circulation of that magazine.

The right question — those that get to the heart of consumer and donor attitudes — are not only key to acquisition, they’re even more important when it comes to boosting retention.

So, as part of our Agitator/DonorVoice Retention Webinar on March 19th we’re going to outline the questions that really matter and explain why. So register here free. Registration is on a first-come-first-registered basis. We’ve already over-subscribed the 500-seat house we reserved, so now we’ve added another 500 seats.

Here are some of the key questions you’d better be asking and answering:

  • How do I define, measure and increase donor loyalty?
  • How do I manage the spend against my house file for maximum value?
  • If my brand went away tomorrow would any donors care?

On top of that you’ll learn, in all likelihood, why your ‘thank you’ and acknowledgement program is all wrong.

Why you should fire your consultant tomorrow – well, to be fair, wait until after the Webinar.

Why you should avoid most branding exercises like the plague.

You get my drift. Lots of good stuff. All proven. All empirical. Almost no bull.

Register now right here. And for those in a far different time zone and for those constitutionally incapable of getting up and logging on March 19th at 11 a.m. Eastern, a registration will get you access to a recording of the proceeds and the materials we’ve prepared.

Now, close your bathroom door.


P.S. But first, please register here.


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