Nothing is better than seeing an organization get it right.

Heifer International does just that with their Heifer Voices Advisory Panel. Instead of just worrying about donor loyalty and retention or talking about establishing a donor centric approach to fundraising, Heifer is truly engaging their donors with this online program.

In January, a team led by marketing analyst Angelica Beard launched the panel with an email to a special group of contributors and supporters. The invitation to become a member of the Heifer Voices Advisory Panel told us that the panel reflected Heifer Internationals commitment to full participation. We would have a say in some of the decisions that Heifer makes to reach its goal of lifting 23 million people to self reliance by 2010.

Wow! What donor would not want the opportunity to be part of that goal? We also learned we would get to give input into the development of new projects and services. I was hooked.

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