Mal Warwick has made my blogging job easy today. I shamelessly admit it.

Mal's latest newsletter (DEC) contains two “must read” articles.

First, guest contributor Bob Knight (runs a direct marketing agency) posits seven precepts of (mostly) direct mail fundraising and takes his shots at them.

Here are what Bob calls myths:

  1. The list is everything.
  2. The more you tell, the more you sell.
  3. Positives work better than negatives.
  4. The tighter the copy, the better the copy.
  5. Four-color packages don't work in fundraising.
  6. It worked for them; it will work for us.
  7. Don't repeat an approach that failed for you before.

Then Mal gives his riposte on each principle.

Very cogent insights; very concisely presented.

I'm with Mal … if you're going to re-examine long-established direct mail guidelines (and there's nothing wrong with challenging the past), you're probably wiser to think in terms of fine-tuning them, rather than casting them aside.


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