As reported in the New York Times, the Census Bureau has released new data detailing the accelerating growth of immigrants living in America.

These changing demographics — the number of immigrants living in American households rose 16% over the last five years — will undoubtedly affect politics and cause advocacy before long. There are already fifteen states where immigrants constitute more than 10% of the population … and I'll bet the U.S. citizens among them (most are) will vote more regularly than native-born citizens!

Non-profit fundraisers will face a far more diverse and challenging marketplace in terms of value emphases, language familiarity and nuances, media preferences, issue priorities, political orientations, and contextual knowledge.

So here are a few questions:

    • Which of these states saw a 44% rise in the last five years — Florida, South Dakota, New Hampshire?
    • How many immigrants are living in America — 25.1 million, 35.7 million, 52.3 million?
    • What percentage of immigrants arriving since 2000 have settled outside the traditional “gateway” states of California, New York, New Jersey, Texas and Florida — 19%, 28%, 42%?

Maybe, hopefully, this increasing diversity will make us a more tolerant society.

One intriguing immigrant is Indra Nooyi, about to become CEO of PepsiCo.

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