Earlier we reported that Hispanic Heritage Month is underway, and provided a potpourri of pertinent data on our U.S. Hispanic population for fundraisers and communicators.

Here's a special new compilation of U.S. Census data on Hispanics put together by the Pew Hispanic Center.

We're going to keep throwing this data at you, because you need to figure out how this growing segment of America fits into your marketing plans. Do Latinos know about your issue? Do they care about it? Should they? If so, what are you going to do about engaging them?

We're mindful of using the terms “they” and “them.” We're two white guys, and we see mostly guys and gals of our color running the scores and scores of national nonprofits we encounter. So until nonprofit staffs truly diversify, “you” need to figure out how “they” fit into “your” equation. Politicians certainly are, and not just in the traditional “big five” Hispanic population states.

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