Global Giving, founded and run by brilliant social entrepreneur Dennis Whittle, is one of my favorites. Dennis left his cushy World Bank job to raise a little social hell and do a whole world of good.

Check out Global Giving’s latest flash/splash animation "The Girl Effect" for a lesson in how to do things right –and wrong.

I’m sure that this will be a viral marketing ‘winner’ with both women and men –especially women. Powerful. Energetic. Poignant. But sadly, like some hunting dog ranging out and about on the scent, it takes too long to get to the point — assuming the point is putting some bucks in the treasury of Global Giving on behalf of women.

But, you be the judge. My point in passing this along is to both recognize and praise creativity ( and this deserves praise), but to also point out that too much ‘warm up’ can prove fatal. I love this piece. I only hope that all the brilliant foreplay translates into fundraising action.

Of one thing I’m sure. This piece will certainly make the viral rounds — big time. But will it come back home laden with cash? Please let me know what you think.


P.S. And Dennis, please let us know how "The Girl Effect" worked from a fundraising standpoint. Big bucks or not, for your consistent pushing of the envelope and Global Giving’s constant efforts at innovation, YOU DESERVE A RAISE!

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