The letters are lousy, with the content dictated by lawyers and then created by Neanderthals who dont have a clue what theyre doing and who are psychologically incapable of making an emotional connection with the reader.

Hmmm. Just what I was thinking as I leafed through a random pile of direct mail packages that had arrived in my mailbox.

These are the words of Guest Agitator Denny Hatch, a skilled and proven copywriter of some 40 years and a professional voyeur and perceptive critic of the direct mail world. For nearly two decades since he and partner Peggy launched Whos Mailing What! Dennys been rattling cages for all the right reasons.

In his must read Denny Hatchs Business Common Sense he tears into the copywriting skills of the credit card industry (lousy!) which last year mailed 6 billion offers and is getting a lousy response.

Frankly, I could care less about the financial services business, but I urge you to take the time to read Dennys analysis and the case study he offers a perfect analogy for whats also happening in the world of non-profit direct mail.

In brief, judging from my mailbox, the Neanderthals are winning. The sector has grown lazy and formulaicthe creative equivalent of the inmates taking over the asylum.

Read Dennys piece and weep. Better yet, read it and wake up!

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