Does your nonprofit rely upon volunteers? If so, how do you celebrate them?

Below is an example of the online video approach of the American Red Cross.

Most nonprofits don’t have the resources to produce slick videos with celebrity volunteers.

But a simple video, shot with a hand-held video camera, of your CEO having a "heart to heart" with a volunteer — and posted online — could go a long way toward both motivating (i.e., thanking) current volunteers and recruiting new ones.


March is Red Cross Month
Celebrate your Hometown Heroes Series
Dear Tom,

At times there is little that separates us. Student. Retiree. Movie star. Athlete. Standing together, we remind each other that when the nation and the world need it most, the American Red Cross is one of the few organizations that can bring people together from all walks of life.

Please enjoy our continuing hero celebration series by watching actress Aisha Tyler’s video and reading the updated collection of local-hero stories (click on the Countrywide Heroes Map). Communities across America are recognizing people (and pets) who acted in extraordinary ways with a plain old desire to "look out for the next guy"—most times someone they had never before met.

Kindness is contagious. Maybe these stories and heroes will inspire the hero in you!

Sincerely,Steve Denne

Steve Denne
Vice President, American Red Cross

P.S. Next week Paul Shaffer of The Late Show with David Letterman tells why volunteering with the Red Cross is just about the sweetest gig around.

Watch our Celebrity Video
Fans of Each Other’s Work. Mary Cicero, disaster volunteer for 50 years, and Aisha Tyler, Actress. Both have found volunteering for the Red Cross to be the role of a lifetime.Watch their Video.

Click here read stories here about heroes around the country.
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Ways for you to be a hero this month...

Forward to a Friend Make a Gift Volunteer Give Blood
What will you do to get involved this month? Stay tuned for more stories...
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