David Love sends us this “Best Ever” direct mail package seeking legacies for the Nature Conservancy of Canada. Here's his description of the mailing and the response it generated.

The mailing asked the loyal supporters of the Nature Conservancy of Canada to consider leaving a legacy to the organization. As you can see from the PDFs, the design of the package was classy like a wedding invitation. The paper was sage green and the lead graphic was a maple key. As a crowning achievement, the live stamp affixed to the invitation was also a maple key. The gods were smiling on this one.

A note about results. Sent to over 5,000 people, the overall response was about 13%. More important, nearly 4% said that they were seriously interested in leaving a legacy to the conservancy. Thats over 180 folks. With the average gift in a Will in Canada at $25,000, this mailing set the stage for raising a ton of money for conservation.

More important, it allowed 180 donors a chance to do what they really wanted to do. They were simply waiting to be asked!

Click here to read the letter copy, here for the carrier, here for the letter art, here for the reply form, and here for the reply envelope.

Reminder, The Agitator has invited readers to submit your own “Best Ever” direct mail packages. We'll be happy to publish, as above. Here's more detail in our original invitation, The Holy Grail of Direct Mail.

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