Here from Catie Coman at the National Psoriasis Foundation is a “best ever” fundraising appeal to current donors.

Catie says:

“This pulled an amazing 18% response rate from our active donors. Its one of the most successful direct mail pieces in the history of the organization.”

Two small observations about this letter.

First, it offers supporters a clear option to communicate with the organization if they feel they are getting too much mail from NPF. It's a great “customer-friendly” gesture and one with very low cost … because we'll bet very few supporters exercise their option, but most would have read and appreciated the offer.

Second, the P.S. of the letter “reveals” the percent of contribution that will go to program work. Catie worries whether that might have suppressed the already excellent response. While we can think of more powerful uses of the P.S. (!), we don't think she should worry about it. Again, this is a case where a straightforward declaration of the facts was probably appreciated.

Roger & Tom

P.S. Don't forget to send us your own “best ever” direct mail package. We'd love to share it with our readers.

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