With pressure to reduce costs, direct response fundraisers will likely turn up the volume on their online solicitation efforts.

So, who’s using the internet these days?

Here’s the latest internet user profile from Gallup, using as the key barometer the percentage of Americans who use the internet more than one hour per day (though additional usage data is available).

Overall, 48% of American adults use the internet more than one hour a day. Here are the segments where at least half use the internet at that level:

  • Post-grads – 68%
  • Earning $75K or more – 63%
  • Ages 18-29 and 30-49 – 62% & 54%, respectively
  • Employed – 53%
  • Men – 53%
  • Some college – 52%
  • College grads – 51%

If some combination of these characteristics corresponds to your core donor, then you’ll be fishing in the right pond. For others, the good news is that virtually every other segment is closing the gap.

Complete data here.


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