I mean, apart from me and Roger?

Seriously, looking at your nonprofit’s donor base, from highest gifts at the top to ‘average’ donors at the base of the pyramid, which donors have shown you the most love. And to be clear, I’m suggesting here the best measure of ‘donor love’ is donor continuity … retention. “Donor love’ in this discussion is what they give you, not what you give them.

So, assuming you identify your longest-term, most loyal donors — at various giving levels — what do you actually know about their motivation for giving … the all-important ‘Why’ question.

As Roger’s post yesterday, Simple Isn’t Easy, suggested, there’s so much value to unlock in your donor base by really understanding why your donors have actually given. I’m taking that a step further by urging you to study closely your longest-standing donors, at every giving level.

I’m reminded of the importance of doing this by Chris Davenport’s most recent Movie Monday video, How to increase your fundraising and annual operating revenue, in which fundraiser Ian Adair underscores the importance and profitability of seriously engaging your nonprofit’s most committed donors. Take a look; it’s only about three minutes. [And for that matter, become a regular viewer of Chris’ excellent Movie Mondays series!]

If you really know why your lovers love you — How? By asking! — you will not only further secure their giving by asking, but gain invaluable insights that can help you engage with far greater impact with other similar donors. In addition, those conversations about why they ‘love’ you should be captured, yielding powerful, heartfelt videos and testimonials that you can use directly to inspire other donors.

Moreover, if you yourself need a bit of re-inspiring (we all do get a bit jaded), I don’t think I could suggest a more rewarding exercise than engaging one-on-one with some of your most committed donors.

So, what are you doing to identify and learn about who loves you the most?


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