See full email appeal here

Nothing is wrong, as best I can tell.

  1. Personalized to “Tom”
  2. The appeal has urgency … delivered by the message itself and the “progress bar” showing amount raised to date against the campaign deadline.
  3. It’s clear what efforts my donation will support (as is the experience behind it).
  4. There are seven different “Click” opportunities to make a donation.
  5. And there’s a $2:$1 match (from an identified donor, adding credibility) that both motivates a gift (triple your impact) and underscores the need to act now to take advantage.
  6. Charity Navigator “blessing.”
  7. Robust “share” options.
  8. Finally, the landing page is tailored to this specific appeal (i.e., not generic).

If anyone has a suggestion as to how this appeal could be better executed, I’d love to hear it.

Until then, well done EDF!


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