Our always-thoughtful fundraising colleague, Lisa Sargent, recently interviewed a dozen plus nonprofit execs re the fundraising issues they’re facing today. She publishes her observations in this report, What’s Working in Donor Fundraising and Development Today?

It’s definitely worth a read.

These execs, at nonprofits ranging from $2 million to $2 billion in annual revenue, talk about:

  • The extremely crowded and competitive nonprofit marketplace, with groups getting more sophisticated at marketing, which raises the bar for all aspects of fundraising performance;
  • The silo-style organization (with different, isolated units handling direct mail versus online fundraising versus social media versus communications) that still afflicts so many nonprofits and curbs their fundraising effectiveness;
  • The still-dominant fundraising role of direct mail; and,
  • The superior results that flow from integrated offline/online fundraising programs.

All themes you’ve heard The Agitator harp on.

But in case you don’t believe me and Roger, read Lisa’s report.


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