Beginning with the New Year, Tom and I have been pounding away on the subject of “loyalty." The term means different things to different folks. A key factor is likely to prove to be "involvement." ( We have a series of surveys and other analytic projects in the works which we’ll share with you later.

Well, if "involvement" is key, once again the Obama organization has shown its brilliance.

Take a look at the email I received Sunday evening in preparation for Tuesday’s Inauguration. Talk about involvement and continuity. In this message to Obama campaign donors, the former campaign director is now exhorting “Obama Campaign” supporters to continue to be part of the “Obama Community” – this time to help renew America. This time through a new organization named USASERVICE.ORG

Of course I’m not suggesting the top woman/man in your organization is about to get the attention of a Presidential Inaugural, but I am saying that being on top of new events, new opportunities, and urging your donors/members to lead the way is one of the best steps you can take to build loyalty and involvement.

Please share with Tom and me any experiences you’ve had on seizing such opportunity.


P.S. I know, regardless of where you sit on the political spectrum, or in which country you’re reading this, you join us in wishing President Obama well. Here’s to the future!

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