I subscribe to “Which Test Won” — a feed that proselytizes for A/B testing — both for the fun of testing my own instincts (and often disagreeing with their analysis) and just to remind myself that tweaks of copy, design and imagery, based upon testing, indeed matter.

Here’s a recent test (actually a replay from 2009) that caught my eye, literally, because it was a test of two images.

The email feed subject line said: Happy Baby vs Sleepy Newborn Image Test. How could I/you resist?

When this test was first presented in 2009, 88% of readers got it wrong … they picked the loser. In the current test, 75% have gotten it wrong so far!

The winning image produced 12.6% more responses. Not insignificant lift.

And this time I definitely agree with their analysis.

Go ahead … be brave … take the test.

This test involves an online offer … no excuse for not testing in an instance like this. Especially when the ‘gut’ choice’ of professional marketers can prove so wrong.

Apart from encouraging you to test, I have another point … do not be casual about choosing images to support your fundraising. Don’t get lost in the copy and design, then throw in some stock photos as an afterthought. Think it through.

If you put yourself in the heart of the person reading the promotion tested above, you can’t go wrong. Even a guy can get this one right!


P.S. I’ll place a hopeful bet that our savvy fundraising readers will do much better on this one. But still no reason to not test.


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