The only thing we like less than a company that screws up big time, is one that has the sense to reverse course before their roof caves in!

Just as we were licking our chops, relishing the spectacle of a few hundred thousand cell phone customers canceling their Verizon Wireless service to protest the idiotic censoring of Naral Pro-Choice America, the company smartly discovers that the original decision was an “incorrect interpretation of a dusty internal policy.” One, we might add, that Verizon is still refusing to publish. [Maybe there's still hope for a public flogging!]

Right now, some poor Verizon bureaucrat is packing his (or her) office for the transfer to Outer Mongolia.

It's important to note that this flare-up was over censorship, not abortion rights.

As Verizon customer Wyn Hoag said to the NYT, “I'm a supporter of abortion rights, but I could be a Christian-right person and still be in favor of free speech. If they think they can censor what's on my phone, they've got another think coming.”

Keep in mind that Naral Pro-Choice's phone campaign involved their supporters asking to receive the text messages from the organization. Not even a spam issue here.

Roger & Tom

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