On your normal nonprofit website, fewer than 5% of visitors take any of the proffered actions, such as signing up for an e-newsletter, responding to an action alert, clicking on a video … let alone donating.

In my book, improving that rate of interaction is the toughest challenge for any nonprofit’s web team.

If anybody out there is doing better at ‘capturing’ website visitors, I’m sure Agitator readers would like to hear your secrets!

Especially since the job is getting harder by the day.

Along come social media sites, with their own engagement challenges.

And now comScore has just released some new data on on US mobile phone use in regards to social media.

Says comScore: “In August 2011, more than 72.2 million people accessed social networking sites or blogs on their mobile device, an increase of 37 percent from the previous year. Nearly 40 million U.S. mobile users, more than half of the mobile social media audience, access these sites almost every day, demonstrating the importance of this activity to people’s daily routines.”

Facebook alone has 57 million mobile users.

Adds comScore: “Mobile social networkers also were likely to interact with brands on these sites with more than half (52.9 percent) reading posts from organizations/brands/events. One in three mobile social networkers received a coupon/offer/deal, with one in four (27.7 percent) clicking on an ad while on a social networking site.”

Sure, plenty of opportunity. But how to capture it?!

The margin of error for ‘not getting it right’ on a small mobile screen is tiny. Mobile users want to see and (maybe) react instantly, often in a context of high distraction. Or they’re gone in a flash. They’re rarely on mobile to browse.The design challenge is huge.

Your run-of-the-mill website homepage is almost certainly inadequate to the task of engaging mobile viewers. As noted, already it works only dismally for leisurely web browsers, who can see much more of what’s on offer … and often, that’s too much!

And so, your work gets harder! Sorry.



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